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Appointment Procedures

  • Once your appointment has been accepted, you will receive an invoice for a deposit via email. DO NOT SEND ME MONEY UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN INVOICE. You have 48 hours to submit your deposit or your appointment will be cancelled. All deposit amounts will be deducted from the total price of the tattoo. Deposit amounts are as follows (Plus tax):


  • Touch up: $20

  • Small Tattoo: $40

  • 3-hour session: $120

  • 6-hour session: $200

  • Your appointment is not final until I have confirmed your request and your deposit is paid.

  • Please only submit one request per piece. Submitting multiple requests for the same session blocks others from requesting those dates.

  • As the number of appointment requests has increased, I have decided to be more selective about the requests that I will be accepting. If your appointment request does not get accepted, I assure you it is not personal. I am at a point in my career where I am simply looking for pieces that I enjoy doing most and that I believe can help me improve as an artist. These are a few subjects that come to mind that I will be taking a break from tattooing the following:

  • Dragons

  • Trees

  • Full body warriors/gladiators

  • Nautical themes

  • St. Michael

  • Clocks/Compasses

  • Medusa

  • There are a lot of tattoos that I really enjoy doing that I will list below. Just because the tattoo you're looking to get is not on my list of things I want to do more does not mean I won't accept your request. Content I would love to do more of include:

  • Portraits

  • Dog/Cat Mini Portraits

  • Anything movie related

  • Lady faces

  • Greek/Roman statues

  • Mini stuff

  • Religious-themed art

  • Mandalas

  • Black and grey neotraditional

  • Roses

  • Anything unique!

  • Please do not be discouraged from requesting appointments in the future if I don't accept your initial appointment request! I simply cannot accept every request that I receive, but just because I don't accept one request that does not mean I won't accept a different one in the future.


  • My hourly rate is $200/hour. However, I tattoo very quickly, so I can get a lot done in a little amount of time, which actually saves you money and potentially hours of pain.

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