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What is your hourly rate?

I charge $200/hour. I tattoo very quickly so I'm able to get a lot done in a short amount of time.


How do I know how long my tattoo will take?


When looking at the services, you can click on the "more info" link for help trying to figure out which session to book. If you still feel unsure about which service to choose, play it safe and select the longer session. I will review your request and adjust the length of the appointment if needed.

Can I book multiple sessions at once?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that if both sessions are for the same piece/area, they are booked at least a month apart from each other. Do not book multiple appointments per day.

Do you do cover-ups?


I do not do any cover-ups or reworks of existing tattoos that were not done by me.

How much should I tip?


Nothing is expected but anything extra is much appreciated!

I have a reference photo I'd like for you to see. How do I get that to you?

Right now I don't have a way to attach a reference photo to the booking form. If you have a reference for any portraits or designs that you feel I need in order come up with a design you will love, you can send it my email ( Just make sure to include your name, the date you've requested, and a brief description of what you like about the picture in the email.

When will I get a chance to see a design?

Because of the large volume of clients I need to attend to, it's difficult for me to get ahead of schedule on drawings and designs. Most designs are done the night before your scheduled appointment. However, if there is anything you don't like or want to change about the design we can take whatever time we need the day of the tattoo to make any changes necessary.

Do I need a consultation?

I do not require consultations for tattoo appointments. Just make sure you give a detailed description of your tattoo request in the booking form. Usually that is more than enough to give me a good idea of what you're looking for. If there is anything more you'd like for me to know ahead of your appointment please just send an email to with reference photos attached and additional descriptions provided.

If any of your questions have not been answered in the FAQs feel free to reach out via the contact tab. Thank you!

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