With Olympus Tattoo Studio back open, there are some guidelines in effect to assure the safety of our artists and clients. The following mandatory rules will be put in place for clients with scheduled appointments:


1. All clients must show up to their appointments wearing some sort of face covering (I understand that medical-grade masks are difficult to come by. DIY masks such as bandanas will be acceptable as long as your nose and mouth are covered)


2. Clients must show up to their scheduled appointments alone (exceptions will be made for those who are not physically able to do so, but must contact me prior to the scheduled day if that is the case). For clients getting matching tattoos: Only one of you will be allowed in the shop at a time. The client who is not being tattooed will have to arrive separately or wait int their car until called in (for clients who are getting matching tattoos and have additional questions about this, please contact me)


3.  All clients must go to the restroom and wash their hands IMMEDIATELY upon arrival


4. All clients will be subjected to a fever test upon arrival. If the fever test comes back showing you have fever symptoms, you will be sent home immediately

5. I will not be tattooing anything from the neck up until further notice


The safety of our clients and staff is our number one priority during this difficult time. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THE RULES LISTED ABOVE WILL BE SENT HOME. If you are showing ANY symptoms of any kind prior to our appointment, please contact me to reschedule. Thank you for your cooperation.